How to Safely Operate a Stump Grinder Rental

stump grinder rental

Stump grinder rentals are an easy, cost effective, and time saving way to remove unwanted tree stumps.  As with any power tool, you need to use caution and pay careful attention as stump grinders cut aggressively. Here are some other steps and procedures to help you get the job done in the least amount of time and safely.

Safety Tips

Never operate the stump grinder without hearing and eye protection or protective gloves and boots.  Never wear loose clothing or jewelry that can catch on the stump grinder while in use.  Ensure that all body part stay clear from the stump grinders cutting parts.

Upon pickup or delivery of your stump grinder rental, our staff will explain how to control and safely operate the machine.


Now you’re ready to get to work.  Start by using a shovel to remove any rocks from around the base of the stump. This is extremely important, because rocks can dull or damage the teeth on the cutting wheel.  Make sure that the stump grinder is on level ground.

Grinding a Stump

  • Position the stump grinder’s cutter wheel above the stump.
  • Slowly lower it to the stump and work the grinder from side to side over a small area of the stump until you reach the desired grinding depth.
  • Move to the next area of the stump that you want to work on and repeat the process. Continue in this manner until you have cut the entire stump.
  • Don’t ever force the stump grinder into the stump, but let the cutting wheel do the work for you.  It will little by little grind the stump all the way down.
  • Once you have completely ground the stump down to about 4” below the ground you’re finished.

Clean Up

Next, rake up all the wood chips and then fill the hole with topsoil. Tamp down the topsoil and lightly rake it. After, this is done sprinkle an even layer of grass seed, and then rake the seeds into the soil. For faster grass growth you can cover the seeds with mushroom compost or hay.  Finally, water the area over the next few weeks.