How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard BBQ Party

How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Planning to host a backyard BBQ this season?  No matter what the occasion, this list of tips will make your picnic the talk of your family and friends.

Give Your BBQ a Theme

A backyard BBQ usually implies a casual picnic at your home with all of the traditional menu items. But don’t limit yourself! Go ahead and give your BBQ a fun theme. For example, make it a chili cook off, serve “specialty” hot dogs with a variety of toppings or make it a luau. Your family and friends likely attend a handful of BBQ’s every summer, but by adding a theme, yours will be sure to the be the one they won’t dare miss.

Keep It Covered with A Tent

If you plan to have your guests spend most of their time outside on the lawn, plan to have more than enough shade to cover and protect them from the elements – rain or shine. Weather around Pittsburgh can be wildly unpredictable. A small porch probably won’t hold everyone on your invite list, so consider renting a tent that will fit some tables and chairs as well. Providing comfortable space will encourage your guests to stay a while and make them feel welcome in your home.

Get Creative When Serving Food & Drink

A banquet table is easy and simple to use as a serving buffet, but did you know that we have kool tables to keep food and drink cool?  Use super coolers for pop, beer, and water. We also carry drink dispensers if you want to serve tea, lemonade, or even have a special signature cocktail.  This will make your backyard BBQ run smoother and make your food items look even more enticing.

Have a Little Something Extra

Anyone can put out a bag of tortilla chips and some store-bought salsa. Why not kick your backyard BBQ up a notch with a cotton candy, popcorn, or snow cone machine?  They’re always a big hit with our customers and some of our most popular party rental options.

Add Some Entertainment

If you have the outdoor space to accommodate it, definitely rent a few fun lawn games for kids and adults to enjoy. You can go the traditional route with games like horseshoes, corn hole (bean bag toss), bocce ball or volleyball. Or you can introduce your guests to some new games like life-size “Jenga” or word scramble.