9 Backyard Party Rental Must Haves

backyard party rental

Planning a backyard party can be stressful. You have to worry about the weather (especially for those of us near Pittsburgh), having enough tables and chairs, and how many people are going to show up. To help you save time, we’ve put together a quick list of 9 backyard party rental must haves. While there are all types of different event rental options for a special event or party outdoors, there are some important backyard party rental items that you should consider to be on the top of the list!

1. Don’t Forget About the Power

It’s quiet easy to forget that if you’re running outdoor string lights, music, and a few other things, you’ll need power for them.  There’s also a good chance you won’t have enough outlets. We typically recommend a quiet run portable generator and grounded extension cords.  Don’t let not the enough power turn the lights out for your party

2. Food and Beverage Service

There are many additions that are vital for keeping your food and beverages party ready!  Here at General Rental, we have hot boxes and chafing dishes to keep your food warm or kool tables to keep drinks cold.  Beverage dispensers, drink containers and coffee urns are huge for keeping your drinks refreshing for all of your guests.  We also carry super coolers for keeping cans and bottles on ice.

3. Rentals for Entertainment

One of the most important parts of a party is keeping your guests entertained.  We have games for kids and adults, speaker systems and concession equipment designed to do just that!  Ask one of our event specialists what would be the best addition to your party.

4. Trash Bins

Such a simple necessity for any event, but often times overlooked.  Make sure your guests have a place to put their garbage so it doesn’t end up places it shouldn’t.  We have 30 Gallon trash cans for rent.

5. Table Covers or Linens

The right table linens or vinyl table covers can immediately dress up any outdoor party. They also help make clean up a breeze and are great for any unwanted spills and messes. We carry table linen rentals in 40 different colors and vinyl table covers in 8 solid and 3 patterned colors for our tables.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Don’t forget if your event is running into the nighttime hours you’ll need something to light up your space.  You won’t want your guests to be caught in the dark, (unless you’re ready for them to leave 😉).  We have white bistro lights and lighting options for the tents and walkways to keep your party going as long as you do.

7. Tables for Food

While it’s easy to figure out how many tables you’ll need for your guests to sit at, sometimes it’s also just as easy to forget about the extra tables you’ll need for the food, memorabilia, or gifts at your event.  It is always a good idea to sit down and plan out just how many additional tables you may need for these items, and we’re here to help.  We can come up with customized layouts for you, so you can know exactly how many of everything you need, and where everything will go.

8. Seating for Your Guests

Depending on what style of event you are having, such as a sit down dinner or buffet or if it is an open house style event you will need to have enough tables and chairs to fit your event accordingly.  You don’t always have to have enough seating for all of your guests, but seating of some kind is definitely a must at any type of event.

9. Rent a Tent

A lot of people try to get away with not renting a tent for their events and then mother nature ends up having a tantrum and ruins everything.  Western Pennsylvania weather is VERY unpredictable, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Get your event covered!  We carry a huge selection of tent sizes from small 10×10 frame tents to large 40×100 pole tents.  We’re able to accommodate anything from 10 people to 5000+.  Call us today, and we’ll be able to help you get the right size you need for your event.

Planning a backyard party doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember our list of backyard party rental essentials, and that we’re also happy to answer any questions and help.  Check out our full list of party rental items or call us today 724-776-6990.